Adult Adoption

Often, when people think of adoption, they tend to think of only minor children under the age of 18.  However, in Georgia, not only minors may be adopted, but adults may be adopted as well.  

Adults choose to be adopted for varying reasons, to include the following:

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No matter how old you are, the desire is never lost for family.  Many adults also pursue adult adoptions to remove the stigma of not having a family and of not having a feeling of permanence.  

Unlike other adoptions, adult adoptions differ in that notice and the surrendering or terminations of parental rights from the biological parents are not necessary. An adult may be adopted by giving written consent to the adoption.  Adults seeking to be adopted may file their petition of adoption in either the Superior Court in the county in which the person seeking to adopt lives, or the county where the adult being adopted lives. If the court is satisfied that there is no reason why the adoption should not be granted, it shall enter a decree of adoption, and if requested, shall change the name of the adopted adult.  Once the adoption is final, the relation between each petitioner and the adopted adult shall be, as to their legal rights and liabilities, the relation of parent and child.

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