“I got injured at work…now what?” Common Mistakes of an Injured Worker

No one expects to suffer an injury while at work. But if you do, please do not make these common mistakes. 

  1. Not reporting the accident immediately to a supervisor as soon as the accident occurs.

Many injured workers do not report the accident as soon as it occurs.  They think if they can just work through the pain or go home and rest they will feel better the next workday.  However, it is important that you report your accident to your supervisor immediately, and complete a written report of how it occurred.   If you report the accident immediately, you have a better chance of having your workers’ compensation claim accepted by the insurance company, than if you delay in reporting the injury.

  1. Not seeking medical treatment immediately.

When you are injured while at work, you should request the panel of physicians from your employer and seek medical treatment from one of the doctors on the panel immediately.  It is important that you seek medical treatment from a doctor listed on the panel of physicians in order to have your medical care paid for by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.  Do not wait days, weeks or month to seek initial medical treatment for the injury.  Not seeking medical treatment immediately and seeking treatment from a family physician are common mistakes that can lead to a denial of your medical treatment or claim. 

  1. Not being truthful.

Under no circumstances should you lie about how the accident occurred or about the injuries you suffered, and that includes if you have prior injuries.  Be truthful. Inconsistent statements are a red flag to the insurance company, and a quick way to get your workers’ compensation claim denied.

  1. Not returning for medical treatment for an extended period of time.

Once you receive medical treatment, continue to make your follow-up appointments, even if there is a delay in authorized treatment or surgery. As an injured worker, you do not want to give an impression that your injuries are not severe enough to require medical attention.  Avoid a gap of time in medical treatment.

  1. Not seeking legal counsel immediately.

As an injured worker, you must be informed of your legal rights. Remember,  adjusters work for the insurance company and your employer. Their ultimate goal is to return you to work as soon as possible, while keeping their costs low. Adjusters will not inform you of all your rights as an injured worker. You simply cannot wait months down the road to consult with legal counsel.

Remember, if you suffer an injury at work, or if you know of someone whom has a work related injury, it’s vital to your claim that you do not make these common mistakes. Contact The Campbell Law Practice, LLC for your free consultation today.