‘Tis The Season for Company-Sponsored Events: Are Employees Eligible for Workers’ Compensation for Injuries Sustained at Off-Site Gatherings?

As 2014 comes to an end, many employers will host holiday celebrations, while others will hold off-site retreats to begin planning for 2015. In the midst of the revelry and team building, employees should avoid activities that may lead to physical injury, since workers’ compensation benefits may not be available to them.


Under Georgia law, to be eligible for workers’ compensation, an employee’s injury, illness or death must arise out of and in the course of employment. Whether injuries sustained at an off-site company event arise out of and in the course of employment is a contested issue. 


How Can Workers Injured at Company-Sponsored Events Demonstrate Their Injuries Arose Out of and in the Course of Employment?


In determining whether an injured worker is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, courts will consider the following factors:


  • Did the injury occur on the employer's premises? 
  • Did the employer pay for the activity? 
  • Did the employer expressly or impliedly require the employee to participate in the event?
  • Did the employer benefit from the employee’s participation in the event?


If you are injured at an employer-sponsored event and need help determining whether you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, The Campbell Law Practice, LLC can help evaluate the circumstances of your case, clarify your rights under Georgia law, and maximize your benefits recovery.


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