Third Party Adoption / Private Party Adoption

A Georgia third party adoption involves an unrelated person, who is also not a stepparent of a child. It is the process where the child’s biological parents and the prospective adoptive parents work together without the involvement of an agency. To complete a third party adoption, the child's biological parents or legal guardians must consent to the adoption, and they must surrender their rights as a parent to the prospective adoptive parents.


Placement and Home Study

When the prospective adoptive parents are able to work with biological parents of the child, without involving an agency, a third party adoption can occur. In a third party adoption, the rights of the biological parents are voluntarily and in writing relinquished directly to the prospective adoptive parents.  However, no child shall be placed with a third party for purposes of adoption unless prior to the date of placement a home study is completed, and it recommends placement of a child in such third party’s home.

Children Older than 14

If the child is over 14 years of age, the child must consent in writing to the adoption and acknowledge it in the presence of the court.

The third party adoption process is highly complex as it involves the rights of biological parents, the child and the prospective adoptive parents. Don't try to navigate the adoption process alone. Very strict legal procedures are in place, so you need an experienced and respected attorney throughout the process. Christina Campbell is an Atlanta attorney who focuses her practice on adoption. When you become a client of The Campbell Law Practice LLC, she'll guide you through all procedures necessary to finalize the adoption process.

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